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Chromatics - “Cherry” (Dir. Alberto Rossini)

25 November 2012 Music Music Video Chromatics Alberto Rossini Cherry

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Kendrick Lamar - “Bitch, Dan’t Kill My Vibe” (Feat. Lady Gaga)

8 November 2012 Music Video Kendrick Lamar Lady Gaga Bitch Dant Kill My Vibe

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I’m into Solange. She can totally get it.

HOWEVER, is she “too alt”?

1 October 2012 reblog: thefader Solange Solange Knowles Losing You Music Video

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Dirty Projectors - “About to Die” (Dir. David Longstreth)

Amber Coffman & Haley Dekle fo lyfe.

21 September 2012 Dirty Projectors Music Video Swing Lo Magellan About to Die Amber Coffman Haley Dekle Can Get It

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Japandroids - “The House That Heaven Built” (From Celebration Rock, 2012)

(Source: tombreihan, via pitchfork)

13 August 2012 reblog: tombreihan Japandroids Pitchfork The House That Heaven Built Celebration Rock Music Video

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Guess who learned about K-Pop this weekend!!???!!?

25 March 2012 Music Kpop Hyuna Bubble Pop Music Video

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Michael Jackson - “Leave Me Alone” (Dir. Jim Blashfield & Paul Diener)

No one ever talks about this jam.

I dig it…and it’s crazy ass video.

21 March 2012 Michael Jackson Leave Me Alone Music Music Video Jim Blashfield

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(Dir. Tony T. Datis)

I get the feeling that this “bass drop as sound effects for an action sequence” idea is going to get used a LOT in the coming years.

I like how this ended.

17 February 2012 reblog: perpetua Music Music Video Skrillex Bangarang Brostep

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