Los Angeles


Barring any unforseen events/work, I will be here.

Let’s take a picture together if we see each other.

16 May 2013 concerts fyf fyf fest los angeles la state historic park la music

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Reblog the poster for your chance to win a pair of weekend passes to the festival. Two winners will be picked at 12:00pm on Thursday, June 21st.

And remember that tickets for FYF Fest go on sale this Friday, June 22nd at 5:00pm. For more info on the fest click on the poster

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Frank McCourt agrees to sell Dodgers: The agreement caps a tumultuous season that started with a fan nearly beaten to death in the parking lot and saw the team playing to a half-empty stadium.

Photo credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

There it is. 

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It’s been a while…..So, let’s get together for Drive.

Thursday night. Midnight. Arclight Cinema on Sunset Blvd. 

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The Bowler on Flickr.

The Spare Room
The Roosevelt Hotel
Hollywood, CA

The newly appointed Mario Lopez is looking damn sharp here.

GPOYW: Bowler Edition

*It took James about 5 seconds to pull this shot off in extremely dark light, under the radar. The dude’s skills are just out of hand these days. Good gracious!

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Tunes. Drinks. Hike!

It’s the third Thursday of the new year, and Angela and Mike are ready to score some touchdowns on 2k11. No Hail Mary’s needed. Just some dope tunes, chill drinks and some fellow All-Stars.

Keeping the team spirit vibe, Suburban Dialogue will not only be running some of their best plays for their fellow Good Luck Bar patrons, but anyone that is interested can call a play for a down as well. Just send us an e-mail to suburbandialogue@gmail.com and tell us what song it is, and if you’re either bringing in a vinyl or sending us a digital file. From 11pm-1am we’ll be tackling your cuts, as they try to make the end zone.

Like always, we’re still going to be blitzing the PA system at the Good Luck Bar with our solid selection of tunes:

  • Surf Rock classics
  • British Invasion jams
  • 70s AM memories
  • And plenty of assorted songs to make you feel good

Never pretentious. Always chill.

As always, be sure to ask the bartenders about the drink specials.

If you want to do Thursday proper, this is essential.

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You don’t have to be Uncle Jesse to say “Have Mercy!” when looking at this burger. I think even David Charvet would.

My burger photo got posted over at Peepmeat! Like a BOSS!!

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