I got my first watch a few weeks ago. It’s a Casio retrofitted with a three-color band: red, white, and black. People often mistake the black for blue and assume I’m repping the French tricolor on my wrist. Once they realize the actual color scheme, they think it’s either Thom Browne or, very occasionally, the striped flag of Yemen. I go with Yemen because its flag is one of the few that references the concept of time: The red stands for the bloodshed of martyrs, the white for a bright future, and the black for the dark past. Past and future in a flag — perfect for a watchband, no?”

- Ezra Koenig

Side Note: The new Vampire Weekend album is great. Weird, confident, and great.

9 May 2013 Style GQ Ezra Koenig Vampire Weekend Fashion Watches Music Modern Vampires of the City

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For those that don’t want to have to stock up every time they go to New York (and now San Francisco), Uniqlo has at long last, opened up their online store. Non-Asians feel free to go about your regular Monday.

…and that was the last time Dangerghost ever had money again.

22 October 2012 reblog: waxandmilk Uniqlo Clothes Fashion

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Whoever envisioned this campaign of a half naked Irina Shayk for jeans, should get double their monthly salary.

At least double.

2 February 2012 Irina Shayk Models Replay Fashion advertisements Ads Campaigns

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We’ve known for some time that Tom Brady is the spokesman for a male line of UGG boots. The long-awaited commercial has finally dropped. 

Tom Brady x Mos Def x UGGs

Keep on hating everybody!

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I like what Nike is going to do tomorrow. This teaser is swell.

7 September 2011 Nike Back to the Future Shoes Fashion Film

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Actors Rupert Grint and Tom Felton (a.k.a. Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy) are shedding their Potter personas in a new ad campaign for the Band of Outsiders clothing line, and Rolling Stone has the first look

Shot by Band of Outsiders creative director Scott Sternberg, the Polaroid images show the actors, wearing selections from the line’s Fall 2011 collection, as they cause mischief in L.A.

For an exclusive peek at the campaign’s images – including a grainy shot of Grint flipping the camera the bird - head over to Rollingstone.com.

Keegan Prosser

Grint needs to keep this going as much as he can. Either way, a smart choice for both lads. Who knew these two would be the ones to strike up the closest relationship out of the HP gang of actors?

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17 August 2011 Star Wars R2-D2 Film Fashion

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Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu (Photo by Bruce Weber)

29 June 2011 Hailee Steinfeld Bruce Weber Miu Miu Fashion Celebs

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